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5 cool games from the PC Gaming Show

5 cool games from the PC Gaming Show

On Sunday, PC Gamer held its annual PC Gaming Show event, showcasing dozens of games coming to, well, PC. In addition to heavy hitters like Paradox Interactive, there were loads of brilliant looking games from smaller teams — even a small group of modders. Here’s what turned our heads during the two-hour marathon.


Necrosoft Games’ Demonschool looks to blend the tactics of games like Into the Breach with JRPGs like Persona and Disgaea and a dash of … Italian horror cinema?! Coming to PC (as well as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X) in 2023, Demonschool sends players to a very specialized university, where freshman Faye (a demon hunter) and her friends will tactically fight, occasionally flirt, and fend off a demonic apocalypse. — Michael McWhertor

The Invincible

When I visited with Poland’s 11 Bit Studios in 2014 I was struck by the thoughtfulness and tenacity of its team. After repeated success with their own projects — including the critically acclaimed Frostpunk — the company has become an industrious publisher as well. Turns out they have impeccable taste. The Invincible is based on the beloved hard science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem, published in 1964. The spacefaring mystery has a Buck Rogers look, but a very modern vibe. The Steam listing pegs it for 2023. — Charlie Hall


When I first saw Cloudpunk, I knew that I wanted to live inside its neon-colored futuristic landscapes — or at least just hang out inside the cab every once in a while. Developer Ion Lands is going a big step further with Nivalis, a slice-of-life simulation that looks a lot more intimate. The description on Steam promises you’ll be able to grow a business empire, make friends and enemies, customize your apartment, go fishing, and start a relationship. — CH


Klei Entertainment’s next game is a cooperative multiplayer hack-and-slash roguelike dungeon crawler with a slick look. From the developer behind Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja, Rotwood just looks like a good time, full of tight combat, crafting, and hearty challenges. — MM

Tactical Breach Wizards

Tom Francis’ latest Suspicious Development is called Tactical Breach Wizards. While the game has been floating around for a while now, I didn’t really understand how funny it was. If you’d like to stack up outside the door, flirt a little bit with your fireteam, and then creatively take the piss out of the military industrial complex, this game is right up your alley. — CH