“To everything turn, turn, turn

There is a season turn, turn, turn

And a time to every purpose under Heaven”

So goes the popular song by The Byrds. As we begin a new year, it’s time to reflect on a year gone by – some saying not soon enough and others saying much too quickly. Let’s look at the top stories the last 12 months as it relates to our outdoor world,

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NEW PORT RICHEY, FL — For those who spend their spare time kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and scuba diving, this with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico with 75 feet of prime waterfront is a dream come true.

This custom waterfront pool home is on a deep channel with no bridges to go under along the short ride to the open Gulf.

It has two docks. One 12,000-pound lift currently houses two jet skis

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Brazilian football legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, famously called Pelé, has passed away aged 82.

His agent Joe Fraga confirmed his death.

Widely regarded as one of soccer’s greatest players, Pelé spent nearly two decades enchanting fans and dazzling opponents as the game’s most prolific scorer with Brazilian club Santos and the Brazil national team.

Pele had been battling cancer for a while and recently, his health condition worsened during hospital stay to regulate his

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Staying in touch with video and voice calls is great, but if you’re looking to capture the spirit of person-to-person interaction this New Year’s Eve, here are some of the best multiplayer games that can be played over your phone or computer.

The games below are ordered from least to most complex in terms of technical know-how and set-up. For all of them, you’ll need some kind of videoconferencing tool;

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CINCINNATI — This past year had lots to offer, and around the Tri-State there were plenty of new — and returning — things popping up right and left.

While we could probably brainstorm many more exciting additions to the Tri-State, here are the top 9 newest additions to our region:

Fritz the hippo

Following in the footsteps of his big sister Fiona, Fritz the hippo was Cincinnati’s star of 2022.

The Cincinnati Zoo once again

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North Carolina State University (NCSU) play-by-play announcer Gary Hahn has been suspended indefinitely for racist comments he made while calling the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Hahn has called men’s basketball and football games for the university since 1991.

“And amongst all the illegal aliens down in El Paso,” Hahn said. “It’s UCLA, 14, and Pittsburgh, six. That’s with 11:15 to go in the second quarter. Let’s go to the sidelines, Tony Haynes.”

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Man looking to buy jacket and outdoor equipment


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    It was, however, digitally recreated based on the legend’s description and other anecdotal evidence. The move began with Santos players charging towards the Atletico Juventus goal.

    Pele receives a pass near the opponent’s box. With a short, quick burst, the Santos forward lifts the ball over the head of the first defender with his right leg and weaves past him. Then, he lifts it over two more onrushing defenders. The ball, it seems, is hanging

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    Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Games with Gold for January 2023 are Iris Fall and Autonauts.

    As detailed on Xbox Wire, all Xbox Live Gold members and those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get access to these two games when they arrive next month.

    Iris Fall will become available on January 1 and will stick around until January 31, and Autonauts will come a bit later on January 16 but will stay

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